Testimonials (What People Are Saying)


"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you were our keynote speaker this year. Everyone is still raving about the banquet and how awesome you were. I also let Ambassador know what a gem they have in you. "

Jackie Seldon, Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center

"Everyone just loved her and was touched by her message. Our banquet brought in more money than we have ever received in the past. We, at Hope Pregnancy Center, highly recommend Cecile Kaiser."

Director Kris Eichenbusch, Hope Pregnancy Center

“Without a bit of hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend Cecile as a guest speaker. We truly enjoyed a class act.”

Carol Thomas, Whatcom County Pregnancy Center

“We just loved her! She was funny and very open with us. She met our expectations and more!”

Doreen Shirek, Wisconsin Right to Life

"If you want to experience the healing virtue of God and laugh until your sides ache, don’t hesitate to call Cecile Kaiser, for truly she is a blessing and delight to the body of Christ and would be a lovely addition to any venue in any arena be it large or small."

Dasha Moore, New Birth Church

“Cecile Kaiser blasted onto the set like a bolt of lightning from heaven. She hit us hard, she hit us quick, before we could recover from the last episode, she would hit us again. The laughter was non-stop...”

Cynthia Harris, CE Ministry, St. John’s Miss Baptist Church

“It was a wonderful event, made memorable by Cecile’s comedy and testimony.”

Lynn Gomes, Director of Women’s Ministry