About Cecile Kaiser


Cecile Kaiser has been labeled “Queen of Clean”

As a comedienne, illusionist, and speaker, from the second she takes the stage, God’s love comes bubbling through ... it cannot be contained.

CECILE HAS DELIGHTED AUDIENCES from California to Australia. Woven amongst her comedy, she draws from her life experiences and years of ministry - including how God miraculously saved her first son – born missing part of his heart; her second son – born against the “odds”; and God’s guidance in more than 35 years of marriage.

TEENS AND CHILDREN love her “Christian Illusions” relating all to God’s Word – Sharing His love for us and salvation message...

HER MINISTRY TO CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS includes her testimony, that more than thirty years ago, Cecile believed the “lie” and had an abortion. Now she shares her heart for women who have had their lives destroyed by abortions, her love and appreciation for crisis pregnancy center ministries and the precious babies they are saving. Your audience will be captivated and touched by her story, but most importantly, they will understand the importance of supporting pregnancy crisis centers.